Tips to Position Your Tourism and Travel Business in 2022

Tips to Position Your Tourism and Travel Business in 2022

There is no doubt in the digital marketing age, businesses are becoming more competitive; however, technology increases your chance to get access to a broader niche market if you know how to use the new tools and platforms available to properly market your services and products. While you will learn more about different key Trends in today’s tourism industry we want these three trends with you.

Key Trend #1:

Digital Ad is going up representing about 42% of the Ad Market

“We have definitely put more resources and funds into social media — Facebook and Instagram specifically, and we intend to use it even more in 2019. People travel because they want to have experiences. It is a social, visual, experiential undertaking, and social media really fits that.” Marina Suberlyak, Head of Marketing, North America, Norwegian Airlines

Key trend #2:

Instagram and Facebook take the lion’s share of digital spend

Travel marketers report that Facebook and Instagram are the best channels for both brand building and direct response. In 2019, 50% of travel and tourism marketers plan on using Instagram Stories, and 49% plan on using Facebook Stories to actively engage travelers.

Key Trend #3

Video is also on the rise

While the video was only 9% of ad spend in 2018, 46% of marketers report they plan to allocate more to video ads in 2019. In 2019, 54% of travel marketers report that they plan on using YouTube advertising. As you can tell by now, the majority of travel and tourism marketers are investing in digital and social media ads, in an effort to be present where many travelers find their inspiration. Consider these trends as you think about how to maximize the value and reach of your campaigns.

Do you know the Influence of Visuals on Today’s Travelers?

Here’s a framework that will help you identify five phases of the travel purchase journey in today’s market.

How your Potential Customers Dream?: every traveler has a source of inspiration, a source that makes them dream: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, which their friends use to share their experience

How your potential Customers Plan? Travelers nowadays use several sources to plan their trips: from Niche travel bloggers, and social media to the first page that pop-ups on google search.

How do your potential Customers book?: Do they use websites, travel agencies, or social media

How are your customers’ experience? Travelers nowadays don’t just book before going to a new place, but they continue to book during their trip on social media, leaving reviews, or using other destination websites?

How do they Share? After the trip they use moments like #TBT to reshare their content, where are they doing it, which social media network they are using to do so

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